Media and News

The house itself hasn’t attracted much media attention but that doesn’t mean the City of Astoria has shied away from the press. Astoria is the oldest city west of the Rockies and has been attracting worldwide attention since Lewis and Clark first explored the area 200 years ago. In fact, 2011 marks the Astoria Bicentennial Celebration.

Known not only for it’s history, several well-known blockbuster movies have been filmed in Astoria. Perhaps best known for the Goonies, other films shot in Astoria include Short Circuit, Free Willy, Kindergarten Cop, Benji the Hunted, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, the Ring 2 and more recently Into the Wild. The local economy flourishes whenever a producer or director chooses Astoria as their movie backdrop and the city always welcomes the attention with open arms.